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Slow TV on Netflix Is Officially the Easiest Way to Chill Out
Dean Mitchell/Getty Images

Move over, adult coloring: Slow TV is the new way to find your inner zen.

But, um, what is it? Scandal at half speed? Not exactly. It’s a video in real time—but focusing on regular (and mundane) events like a cross-country train ride or people knitting. The “shows,” sometimes up to seven hours in length, are apparently super popular in Scandinavia, which is the very reason Netflix decided to bring them to the U.S.

As far as viewing options, you’ve got quite a few—everything from National Firewood Evening (yep, six hours of staring at a crackling log) to National Knitting Morning, Evening and Night (each session is four hours in length, FYI). There’s even the weirdly fascinating Train Ride: Bergen to Oslo, which features seven hours of scenic Norway views captured by a camera strapped to the front car.

Because think about it: Sometimes at the end of a chaotic workday, you’d rather zone out to something soothing versus something stressful. (We’re talking to you, Stranger Things and The Night Of.) And you can even do it in shorter bursts than your typical 12-hour weekend binge. Win-win for screen-time health.

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