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When you’re with him, things are perfect. But when you bring him into your group of friends (or even just up in conversation), things get a little wonky. A disapproving look here. A snarky look there. Is it just you or is your friend’s body language screaming “I hate your boyfriend”? It might not just be you. Here’s what to look for.

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It’s Always Girls’ Nights

You’ve suggested bringing the whole crew together time and time again, but your girlfriends insist on just the ladies. It might be a sign that they’re not into your dude.

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You Feel Excluded When You Do Bring Him Along

You finally got everybody together, but it seems like conversation, and then your friends, float to one side of the table…leaving you and your BF alone. (And no, you didn’t forget deodorant.)

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They Avoid Talking About Him

You’re trying to tell your BFF about how your beau got you Hamilton tickets, but she just keeps changing the subject. And let’s be honest: No one changes the subject from Lin-Manuel Miranda.

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And When You Do, They Get Kinda Weirdly Quiet

Did you just fake a laugh? Is she shifting in her seat? Not a good a sign if the two of you can usually talk for hours about anything.

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You Caught a Look

You’re simply trying to explain how your BF is a descendent of the Habsburg Empire—and was that an eye roll? If you have to ask, well…

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They Still Try to Set You Up on Dates

When your circle of friends is still showing you pics of their co-workers that you would just adore, then chances are, they’re not so secretly not really digging your boyfriend. Sorry.

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