16 Shows Like 'The Witcher' For Your Next Fantasy Fix

If you're missing Geralt of Rivia and the crown princess of Cintra, you're not the only one.

Netflix’s gripping fantasy drama, The Witcher, has been all the rage since it first premiered in 2019. And now that the streaming platform has confirmed a third season, everyone’s itching to see what’s next for the fierce monster-hunter. But until then, we’re biding our time with these 16 shows like The Witcher, from The Shannara Chronicles to Amazon Prime’s The Wheel of Time. Keep reading for a full list of options to stream on Netflix, Hulu and more.

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1. ‘carnival Row’

Carnival Row imagines a world where immigrant mythical creatures try to seek refuge in a city filled with disapproving humans. And as tensions continue to rise between the two groups, Inspector Rycroft (Orlando Bloom), a half-fae passing as human, investigates a huge conspiracy while dealing with his romantic feelings for a fae. Aside from the striking visual effects, the series includes commentary on issues like racism and the refugee crisis.

2. ‘the Wheel Of Time’

I Care a Lot star Rosamund Pike is Moiraine, a woman who’s part of a powerful organization known as “Aes Sedai.” And throughout the series, she seeks to find an entity called the Dragon Reborn by going on a quest with five villagers. The rich hues and beautiful landscapes are a feast for the eyes, and like The Witcher, there’s no shortage of gore and blood splatter.

3. ‘cursed’

We still can’t believe that it only lasted for a season, but all ten episodes are well worth your time. Katherine Langford (who you might recognize from Knives Out and 13 Reasons Why), portrays Nimue in this retelling of the Arthurian legend. But instead of a fairy-like water nymph, she acts as a powerful heroine who’s fighting to save her people.

4. ‘a Discovery Of Witches’

Teresa Palmer stars as Diana Bishop, a Yale University historian who gets pulled into a magical world of supernatural creatures after getting her hands on a sacred manuscript. And when she gets there, she enlists the help of a geneticist and a vampire to help her uncover its secrets. Inspired by Deborah Harkness’s book of the same name, it features a supernatural romance and plenty of magical battles.

5. ‘merlin’

Similar to Cursed, this gripping medieval fantasy drama offers a refreshing take on the traditional Arthurian legends. In this case, a young Merlin (Colin Morgan) is sent to work as Prince Arthur’s (Bradley James) servant, and while there, he learns that he has magical abilities. Expect all the stirring fantasy scenes.

6. ‘vikings’

While it’s not necessarily packed with magical elements like The Witcher, it makes up for this with plenty of action, other-worldly landscapes and insight on Viking culture. Inspired by the legendary Viking hero, Ragnar Lothbrok, the series depicts Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) as a farmer who rises to become king of the Vikings after a string of successful raids.

7. ‘the Shannara Chronicles’

Sure, it only aired for two seasons—but a whole lot can happen in 20 episodes. The series, which feels like a teenage cross between Lord of the Rings and The Witcher, follows three teens as they embark on a special quest to stop demons from entering their world and destroying the Four Lands. Poppy Drayton, Ivana Baquero and Austin Butler play the titular roles.

8. ‘his Dark Materials’

His Dark Materials follows Lyra (Dafne Keen), an orphan whose efforts to search for her missing friend turn into a wild adventure that involves another world, where people's souls are manifested as animals (AKA dæmons). Multiple elements—like the breathtaking visuals, compelling themes and star-studded cast—make this show a must-watch in our book.

9. ‘legend Of The Seeker’

Adapted from Terry Goodkind's series of fantasy novels, Legend of the Seeker follows Richard Cypher (Craig Horner), a woodsman who teams up with a powerful wizard and protector known as Mother Confessor to save their people from an evil tyrant. And in the process, it’s revealed that Richard is the long-awaited “Seeker of Truth.”

10. ‘penny Dreadful’

In Victorian England, a team of experts embark on a mission to hunt down supernatural creatures that range from vampires to monstrous zombies. But they come to realize that these enemies aren’t nearly as threatening as human beings. Timothy Dalton, Josh Hartnett and Eva Green star in this fantasy drama/gothic horror hybrid.

11. ‘supernatural’

It’s the kind of show that’ll make you chuckle, cry, gasp and panic in the span of one episode.

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles star as Sam and Dean Winchester, two brothers who spend their days hunting dangerous supernatural beings and creatures, from demons and vampires to ghosts.

12. ‘britannia’

It may not be historically accurate, but it has stellar cinematography, powerful female characters and a seriously compelling narrative. Set in 43 A.D., after Julius Caesar failed to conquer Britain, Britannia chronicles the Roman Army’s return to a land with mystical and magical influences, which is ruled by female warriors and druids. It’s nothing short of brilliant, although we should note there’s plenty of blood and gore.

13. ‘october Faction’

The series follows Fred (J. C. MacKenzie) and Deloris Allen (Tamara Taylor), a couple who hunt down monsters for a living (sound familiar?). However, things start to go south when they unearth dark secrets about their employer. While the show was canceled after just one season, the fascinating storyline makes it worth the watch.

14. ‘game Of Thrones’

If you’re one of the few who has yet to binge this popular series, add it to your list ASAP. Although it’s quite violent and leaves very little to the imagination, Game of Thrones is medieval-inspired and filled with interesting mythical creatures, from dragons and walkers to giants. But more importantly, it tackles plenty of significant themes, like classism, power struggles, loyalty and justice.

15. ‘american Gods’

We admit, American Gods doesn’t share too many qualities with The Witcher, but it’s by far one of the most unique and inventive fantasies you’ll ever see. The series follows Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle), a former convict who discovers a hidden world where there’s a war between the “Old Gods” and “New Gods.” Watch for the magical elements and its clever take on themes like density and the role of divinity in modern society.

16. ‘the Magicians’

Many have dubbed it a more mature, twisted version of Harry Potter, since it follows a young adult who discovers the magical realm and attends a special university where he’s trained to be a magician. The dark fantasy series, which is based on the books by Lev Grossman, isn’t perfect (expect a few problematic characters and storylines). Still, the stunning special effects and hauntingly creepy villains will definitely reel you in.

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