Netflix’s New #8 Show ‘Sexy Beasts’ Is a Total Head-Scratcher—Here’s My Honest Review

*Warning: Minor spoilers ahead*

I’m not ashamed to admit that The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are my guilty pleasures. So, when I heard about Netflix’s all-new dating series, Sexy Beasts, I was extremely intrigued to find out whether it’s as ridiculous as it sounds or the exact opposite.

In honor of the show (which recently claimed the number eight spot on Netflix’s list of top-rated series), I watched the first episode of Sexy Beasts to see what all the hype is about. Here’s my honest review.

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So, what is Sexy Beasts about? The show poses two extremely valid questions: Could you fall in love with someone based on their personality? And when he/she does reveal themself, would you still feel the same way?

Each episode features a new group of singles, who are so desperate to find love, they’re willing to disguise themselves in flashy costumes on TV so their true personalities can “shine through.” I’ll use the pilot episode as an example because it was the first installment I watched (and probably the only one).

Viewers are introduced to Emma (AKA the Devil). She’s tasked with speed dating three fellow contestants: Bennett (the Mandrill), Archie (the Stone Man) and Adam (the Mouse).

After the first round, Emma eliminates one prospective love interest, who then reveals his true identity. Following a second date, Emma chooses between her final two contenders. (Basically, Sexy Beasts is a speed dating version of The Bachelorette.)

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So, is Sexy Beasts worth the watch? It depends how hard up you are for new content. The show isn’t bad, per se, but it’s not something I’d write home about.

It would be one thing if the contestants wore minimalistic masks to conceal their identities. But instead, the costumes are so over the top, they distract from the sole purpose of the show: to find love. Not only do most of the conversations revolve around their temporary personas, but their chats are also pretty superficial. Perhaps it has something to do with the casting process, which apparently didn’t require “ready to settle down” as a mandatory asset.

“I’m a boobs guy,” Bennett says. “It’s just something in my nature I can’t control.” (#Classy)

The problem is the concept for Sexy Beasts doesn’t really make sense. The only reason The Masked Singer works is because it’s so bizarre, it’s entertaining. Although the costumes are equally eye-catching in Sexy Beasts, the dating element falls flat. As in, there isn’t enough drama to leave me wanting more.

Yes, there’s a mystery element because each single can only choose one person. However, I don’t feel obligated to watch the next episode—that is, unless I get really, really bored at some point in the far distant future.

Purewow Rating: 2 Stars

Two stars might not sound like a lot for Sexy Beasts, but it’s pretty generous given the content. I gave it one star for creativity and another for costume design. The rest is up to your interpretation.

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