Ever since Serena Williams was a young, empowered female prodigy owning the tennis circuit, she’s been a confident goddess who can do no wrong. Despite her undeniable talent on the court (how many titles can one possibly win?), there’s a whole lot more about Queena Serena to adore. From her love of tacos to her can’t-stop-won’t-stop attitude, there’s no denying Williams is the boss, applesauce. Shimmy into your tennis spandex and warm up your best backhand grunt. Here, eight of Williams’s most relatable moments.

1. When She Revealed She Has ‘MMMBop’ On Her Cell Phone

Queena Serena coughed up a gem of a revelation to ESPNW when she spilled the beans about her affinity for a certain group of blonde-haired brothers whose number one hit is comprised of a bunch of made-up words. It’s a secret no one everyone knows, ba duba dop.

2. And Wasn’t Shy Admitting She Often Shares Her Bed with 2 Men

Meet Max, Williams’s cuddly friend who often makes appearances (at bedtime) on her Instagram account.

When She Savagely Pranked Her Friend with Zero Remorse

Sorry, not sorry. *Sips wine and flips hair*

And Revealed Tubing Is Her Favorite Water Sport

Williams also shared her love for tubing with ESPNW and confessed she’d choose lounging in an inner tube over exerting energy while waterskiing any day. We fully support and applaud that.

When She Debuted Her Beefy Engagement Ring

It’s a taco. Her fiancé Alexis Ohanian seriously proposed to her with a taco engagement ring. Nothing says love like a Doritos Locos Supreme diamond.

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And She Was So Excited She Just Couldn’t Hide It

Your move, Beyoncé.

When She Didn’t Let the Human Growing Inside Her Prevent Her From Tearing Up the Tennis Court

Remember when she won the Australian Open…pregnant? Casual.

And Finally, When She Had the Most Badass SOCK-HOP-THEMED BABY SHOWER

Poodle skirts? Check. Crew of Pink Ladies? Check. Serena Dee bumpin’ with a little baby? Tell us about it, stud.

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