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Having a Rough 2016? This Might Be the Reason

There’s no escaping the Saturn Return. You have either survived it already (aka the quarter-life crisis), are currently in it (and wondering why your life is imploding around you) or will soon hit it. Not to worry, our friends at Mojave Rising (the ladies who dish up our horoscopes each month) assure us that it’s not nearly as bad as it sounds.

What the heck is a Saturn Return? Astrologically speaking, it's when the planet Saturn returns to the same place in the sky that it was at the moment of your birth. On average, this occurs about once every 30 years (so you'll experience your first return around the age of 30, then again at 60 and, if you're lucky, once more at 90).

OK, so how does it affect me? There’s typically a lot of change that happens during this time. Whether it’s an unexpected pivot in your career path or a breakup from a longtime relationship, this is a transitional period of about two to three years that is meant to challenge everything you’ve known—and grown accustomed to—thus far. Basically, you will be taken out of your comfort zone whether you’re ready for it or not. 

Well, that’s scary and also slightly depressing. Not so, guys. Change can be difficult for sure, but it’s also exactly what propels us forward—often to better, previously unimagined places. (Remember puberty?)

Saturn returns aren’t something to be feared. Rather, think of them as a time to reflect and make the moves you need to ensure that you’re on the path you want to be on (because we all know how easy it is to get distracted and pulled into another direction).

And if that all sounds a little hokey, just know that the bottom line is this: It’s completely okay not to have things figured out at 30. Or 60. Or even 90 years old. We are constant works in progress. And in the meantime, there's always cookies.

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