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New Year’s resolutions are the worst…but the idea behind them is great. So why not just make them a few weeks early when you actually have the time to give them a test-drive? Here, ten things to do before 2017 to get ahead of the game.

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folding clothes san francisco new years resolutions

1. Take the time to finally clean out your closet KonMari-style. Then schlep those old clothes to Goodwill. Bonus: If you do it before the New Year, you can write off the value in your 2016 taxes.

2. Speaking of taxes, start getting your finances in order now. You don’t want to end up shuffling through receipts when April rolls around. It also wouldn’t hurt to brush up on tips for taking the stress out of money matters.

3. Consider switching up your look—new year, new hairstyle perhaps? It’s amazing what a simple change can do to recharge you, especially when the post-holiday winter slump might leave you feeling a little down.

4. Organize your email inbox, skim unopened messages and unsubscribe from any subscriptions—paper or electronic—you don’t want anymore (or never signed up for in the first place). An app like Truebill can help you out.

travel more san francisco new years resolutions
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5. Three-day vacay. Plan a weekend escape now for mid-February, right about when you’ll be ready for your next break. If air travel isn't in your budget, a really relaxing staycation will do the trick.

6. Take stock of your past year at work: Come time for annual reviews, you’ll have a clear outline of why you deserve that raise—or maybe a clearer idea that you’d like to go in a new direction.

7. Try a new habit for a week: Introduce a trendy superfood into your diet, walk an extra thousand steps a day, get a solid eight hours of sleep every night or try trading coffee for matcha green tea lattes. See how you’re feeling when the week is up—you may be motivated to keep going. (And if not, hey, at least you tried it.)

workout more san francisco new years resolutions

8. New Year’s resolutions to work out more are notorious for going south a few months in, but homing in on a routine that fits your schedule (whether you're a morning person or a night owl) is half the battle. Finding fun classes for different times of the day could be all you need for success.

9. Bookmark a few warming recipes to take the chill out of a wet winter season.

10. Congratulate yourself on everything you accomplished in 2016. You deserve it.

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