4 Revealing Questions to Ask on a First Date (That Aren’t Too Obvious)

You just eyed your date, he’s totally your type and you’re about three seconds away from texting your mom that you found “the one.” Slow your roll, girl. Take some time to get to know the guy. And with these four questions curated by New York matchmaker Emily Holmes Hahn, you’ll uncover all the info you need to know, especially before your mom starts hatching a plan for future grandchildren.

1. “If you could travel anywhere tomorrow, where would you go?”
What it tells you: Your date’s appetite for adventure (or not) and how realistic his dreams are.
What to look out for: Is he picking somewhere he’s been before or somewhere totally new? An Airbnb or a five-star hotel? Bali? He’s a dreamer. Denver? He’s pragmatic. 

2. “What are three things on your bucket list?”
What it tells you: His priorities.
What to look out for: Are they all reminiscent of Amazing Race challenges, à la skydiving, or are they about more about day-to-day life? Do the activities involve friends and family, or are they more solitary? 

3. “What cocktail best describes you?”
What it tells you: Yes, it’s a silly question, but it shows you how your date thinks.
What to look out for: Did he just name his favorite drink, or did he interpret the question more creatively, picking interesting ingredients that speak to his own personality?

4. “Do you ‘eat to live’ or ‘live to eat’?”
What it tells you: If you two are compatible. (Yep, seriously.)
What to look out for: According to our matchmaker, it’s simple: “Eat to lives” never get along with “Live to eats.” Check, please!

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