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Sure, you could meet your friends downtown for dinner. But your couch (and Netflix! and stretchy pants!) is calling. Tired of feeling guilty for staying in? Here, 20 reasons it’s worth it to bail.


1. The Good Wife will always trump sitting in traffic.

2. Yoga pants and a sweatshirt with armpit holes will always trump any other dress code.

3. Bras are optional.

4. Rosé is $12 a glass at the bar, but $12 a bottle on your couch.

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5. Instant company is still only a Facetime phone call away.

6. Or you could get some IRL face time with your loving cat, Bimbles. (You're still unclear on why Bimbles isn't welcome at the Clover Club.)

7. You’ve been meaning to cook more…. 

8. Or, you know, order Chinese. 

9. Or raid your fridge for gourmet cheeses. (Yes, that totally counts as dinner.) 

10. And then leave the cheese wrappers right on the coffee table because it’s your house, dammit.

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11. No matter what, there’s no bathroom line.

12. And no judgment for Netflixing while whitening your teeth.

13. Or attempting a DIY pedicure. (No high heels means no blisters, huzzah!)

14. Slippers are way better than stilettos, anyway.

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15. There’s no awkward small talk required.

16. Plus, hello, you can actually hear yourself think.

17. You don’t have to make arrangements for a designated driver.


18. And when you get tired, it takes two seconds to roll from your couch to your bed.

19. And when you wake up, you don’t have to wince at your bank account statement.

20. But you can definitely wince at your friends' drunken Facebook posts. (3 a.m. duck-facing? Whoops.)

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