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Pure Genius is as if House and Scorpion Had a Love Child
Big personalities + powerful tech = lives saved.

Geek culture is everything: Silicon Valley, Girls Who Code, wearing hoodies to work (woo!). So it makes total sense that the latest charismatic hero—sporting a lab coat, not a cape—is a lovable tech industry billionaire in Pure Genius, premiering tonight on CBS at 10/9C.

It’s the story of a young Silicon Valley billionaire (the adorable English actor Augustus Prew) who builds a revolutionary hospital so cutting-edge it will change the face of medicine. But as much as the show is about brain power, it’s equally about heart.

Yep, get ready to feel alllll the feels as the staff—including a controversial head surgeon (Dermot Mulroney)—do everything in their power to save their desperate patients. It’s a race against time...and against the tech titan’s own secret degenerative disease (cue the tears). 

Tune in tonight and be an early adopter to TV’s gripping drama 2.0.

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