10 Trends Pinterest Says Will Be Huge in 2017

News flash: Pinterest just released something called its “100 Report,” essentially a list of the top trends that we’ll all be pinning and doing in 2017. We whittled it down to ten of the best ones, in all areas of your life, to get excited about. (Pro tip: You can also follow us for more daily inspiration.)

Multiple Hanging Plants

Got a black thumb? First, join the club. Second, try hardy hanging plants, which are both adorable and kinda foolproof (provided you have enough natural light).

Jackfruit As A Meat Alternative

This nutritional powerhouse contains vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, fiber, good fats and protein (without a drop of cholesterol or saturated fats). You might find it popping up in unexpected places, like your new vegan nachos.

The Concept Of "hygge"

We’ve found the secret to happiness and it’s called “hygge,” a Danish philosophy for finding joy wherever you are.

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Crystal Healing

Becoming attuned to the natural elements around us isn’t anything new. But tapping into the energizing power of crystals might be something you’ll see more of on the Internet in the new year.


Chrome Nails

The future is now, and we've already fallen hard for high-shine metallic nail finishes. Go for rose gold if you’re feeling adventurous.

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Flare For Days

We all remember Jennifer Aniston's character in Office Space, stressing over the number of pins and patches she had to don. Time to embrace it. Enamel pins and customized patches are blowing up, big time, especially on denim.

Fancy Detox Drinks You Can Make At Home

Love sipping healthy beverages but not so into the price tag? DIY detox drinks are going to be easier than ever to concoct in your kitchen.

Diy Nightstands

Simple design made by hand (yours to be exact). What’s not to love about that?

Fairy Gardens

These adorable miniature gardens make the perfect wonderland for your little ones to use their imagination in.


Oblique Ab Exercises

Exercises for those side stomach muscles are gaining in popularity. Maybe we should put down this cupcake—or just pin more workouts.

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