This Top-Rated Netflix Movie Is the Feel-Good Flick You (and Your Kids) Have Been Looking for

If you’re looking for a family-friendly movie that doesn’t involve “Let It Go” from Frozen, look no further than this all-new Netflix addition.

Pets United premiered on the streaming service earlier this month, and it’s been ranked as a top ten film for over a week. (It’s currently behind The Take, The Smurfs 2, The Social Dilemma and Devil All the Time.)

Courtesy of Netflix

The movie follows an intelligent dog as he teams up with a spoiled well-loved cat. Together, they rally an unexpected group of heroes in an attempt to defeat the city’s evil mayor. Pets United comes with a bonus inspirational message, teaching kids that perfectionism isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

It’s important to point out that Pets United takes place in the same universe as the 2010 film Animals United. However, the story lines aren’t related, so you can watch them out of order.

The movie features a talented voiceover cast, including Patrick Roche (Roger), Natalie Dormer (Belle), Eddie Marsan (Frank Stone/The Cyborg), Jeff Burrell (Ronaldo), Harvey Friedman (Walter), Ian Odle (Sheriff Bill/Brian), Bryan Larkin (Beezer/Slomo), Naomi McDonald (Joy/Chichi), Andres Williams (Edgar/Victor), Felix Auer (Bob), Teresa Gallagher (Sophie), Frank Schaff (Asgar) and Tom Haywood (Stan).

Although Pets United was originally released in China back in 2019, it wasn’t widely shown in the U.S. market—that is, until Netflix nabbed the rights. The rest, as they say, is history.

Guess we’ll be adding Pets United to this week’s movie marathon. (Don’t even get us started on TV shows.)

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