The Best (and Worst) Moments from the 2016 Academy Awards

From the opening monologue to Leo and his climate change diatribe

So, you didn’t quite make it all the way through last night’s four-hour show. It’s OK--that’s why we put together this list of all the highs and lows from the 2016 Academy Awards.

Chris Rock Addressed The (white) Elephant In The Room

Not just in his opening monologue, but via a parody video that gave black actors lead roles in all the nominated films: Tracy Morgan as The Danish Girl…Whoopi Goldberg as a mop expert in Joy…Leslie Jones ripping Leo a new one as The Revenant bear. Was it a little uncomfortable? Yes. Was it a balanced (and funny) way to address the racial inequality so rampant in Hollywood? Absolutely.


He Also Helped His Daughters Boost Their Girl Scout Cookie Sales

Kate Winslet bought Tagalongs. Matt Damon bought Thin Mints. Together, the crowd raised $65,243.

"the Revenant" Bear Made A Brief Appearance

And it wasn’t particularly funny.


The "mad Max" Costume Designer Wore Jeans And A Motorcyle Jacket

We didn’t hate it.


Jacob Tremblay Made Us Want More Kids

The nine-year-old Room star (and the much taller Abraham Attah from Beasts of No Nation) presented the award for Best Live Action Short film.

And His Relationship With Brie Larson Gave Us All The Feels

She cheered him on. They took selfies together. And he was the first person she hugged when she nabbed her Best Actress award for Room. Awww.

Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

Joe Biden Intro'd Lady Gaga

The VP was there to help bring attention (along with Gaga) to sexual assault on college campuses.


Leo Finally (finally!) Took Home Gold

Cue the standing ovation. And the best speech of the night.