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The Absolute Best Gifts for New Yorkers

Shocking: New Yorkers are notoriously hard to shop for—because a) we have unreasonably high standards and b) we have zero space for superfluous stuff. Challenge accepted: We found presents that are guaranteed to be a hit, even with perpetually unimpressed city dwellers. 

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Literally Me by Julie Houts

Nobody captures a certain anxiety-fueled, fashion-obsessed, beauty-standard-questioning subset of NYC life like Instagram queen @joleeloren. Every coffee table needs a copy.

Buy the book ($16)

Jet Set Candy/Facebook

MetroCard Charm

This 14k gold vermeil charm features our favorite Simone de Beauvoir quote on the back—and somehow still costs less than a monthly subway pass. 

Jet Set Candy ($98)


A Pair of Really, Really Good Headphones

When you're crammed into a rush-hour A train, your only saving grace is your ability to block out the (literal) noise. 

Urbanears ($49)

Gibbs Smith

New York Behind Closed Doors by Polly Devlin

Peeking into other people’s apartments is more or less the official citywide pastime. And leave it to a former Vogue editor to find the most gawk-worthy abodes, inhabited and decorated by artists, writers and other creative folk. 

Buy the book ($24)


Shake Shack Plush Toys

Need to find something for your friend's toddler? She's guaranteed to love this absurdly cute plush ShackBurger and fries (that is, if you can bear to part with them).

Yummy World ($22 each)

Exit 9

Diner Cup

Now any cup of coffee you drink can be the world’s best cup of coffee.

Exit 9 ($14)

Museum Membership

FOMO is rampant here, but so is FONBCE (fear of not being cultured enough). Help your friends ease the affliction with a membership to the Whitney, the New Museum, MoMA, the Brooklyn Museum, the Met, the Museum of the Moving Image…you get the idea.

Seal Press

The Women Who Made New York by Julie Scelfo

This illustrated tome provides a much-needed pick-me-up after a rough year: It highlights the fearless activists, cultural icons and behind-the-scenes trailblazers who shaped the city—none of whom are men. 

Buy the book ($17)

Nordstrom Rack

Cashmere Gloves

With thumbs and index fingers free for uninterrupted phone usage, natch.

Skull Cashmere ($60)


New York Public Library Lion Bookends

Know someone who’s really proud of their book collection? These marble-resin replicas of the lions that guard the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building (aka Patience and Fortitude) should do the trick. 

NYPL ($150)

Abrams Image

Worn in New York by Emily Spivack

If there's anything we obsess over more than other people's apartments, it's other people's clothes. This collection of "sartorial memoirs" chronicles the stories behind many well-loved garments, from a firefighter's uniform to a gold top hat from a Broadway show.

Available at Story, 144 Tenth Ave.;


Seamless Gift Card

You know what? Forget everything else on the list. This is the perfect gift. 


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