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It’s been said that New York attracts a certain kind of person (the best kind, if you ask us). So it’s no surprise that when those people pair off you end up with a certain kind of couple. We’d be willing to bet that more than a few of these archetypes have popped up in your Facebook feed or your weekend plans.

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chloe the frenchie french bulldog NY 728

The Couple With the Instagram-Famous Dog

Biscuit has 200 million followers and has met Kelly Ripa. You’re not sure whether to be annoyed or jealous. (Just kidding, you’re definitely jealous.)

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30 rock jack avery NY 728

The Media Power Couple

One is a hotshot reporter. The other is a digital-marketing savant. They both have a blazer collection to die for and an obscene number of followers on Twitter.

sweet home alabama reese witherspoon NY 728
Touchstone Pictures

The Couple Who Refuses to Let Their Baby Slow Them Down

Before little Franklin was born, these two were all about taking advantage of everything the city has to offer. They have no intention of giving that up…even if it means rocking a BabyBjörn at Gov Ball.

chrissy teigen john legend NY 728
starzfly/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

The Jet-Setting Couple That You’re Not Sure Even Still Lives Here

They scored a great deal on flights to Hong Kong, then headed to Spain for a conference, then took off for a ski retreat in Whistler. Meanwhile, you’re working up the courage to ask them if they need a full-time housesitter for their Tribeca loft.

parks and rec ann and chris NY 728

The Fitness-Junkie Couple

They met at SoulCycle, ran the marathon together and regularly Snapchat their acro-yoga poses. You might find the blatant flaunting of their healthy lifestyle irritating…if you weren’t so mesmerized by their abs.

sarah jessica parker matthew broderick NY 728
Michael Kovac/Getty Images for AFI

The Couple Who’s So Independent You Never See Them Together

On the one hand, you totally admire their super-modern relationship. On the other hand, you’re not even sure you’d know if they broke up…

portlandia next episode NY

The Homebody Couple

A rare breed in NYC, this duo would rather spend Sundays binge-watching Westworld than meeting up for brunch (even when you offer to come to their ’hood). Getting them to attend a birthday dinner is a minor miracle.

seinfeld jerry elaine NY

The Couple Who Broke Up But Are Still Weirdly BFFs

Maybe they realized Manhattan was too small to avoid each other, or maybe they just didn’t want to give up their amazing one bedroom apartment in the Village. Either way, they’re inseparable.

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