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Just over a week until one of the most hyped nights of every single year: New Year’s Eve. Whether you hate it or love it, let’s all agree that you should probably avoid doing the following seven things.

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nye heels
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1. Wear Shoes That Are Too High
You can’t walk in them, and it’s too dark for anyone to see them and swoon.

2. Wear a Tiny Dress You’ll Freeze In
Any time outside is too much time when you’re wearing a bodycon mini.

nye hero

3. Go to a Prepaid Open Bar
It’s crawling with an army of 22-year-olds and you probably won’t get a drink anyway.

4. Just Wing It
Make plans, just not at a prepaid open bar.

nye champagne

5. Go Too Hard, Too Fast
You want to make it to midnight, after all.

6. Go to New York to Watch the Ball Drop in Times Square
Pretty much the tenth circle of hell.

7. Set the Bar Too High
We don’t want to be negative, but you will be disappointed. Trust.

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