All the New Emojis That Might Be Coming to Your Phone

There are 74 possibilities

Remember when you begged the universe for a taco emoji? (And champagne! And cheese! And the middle finger!) And it worked? But you’re still wholly confused as to why there’s still no bacon, black heart or drooling face…

Well, the universe--er, the Unicode Technical Committee--listened and there are officially 74 new emoji candidates in the running for release on Unicode 9.0, aka the universal language of tech.

The contenders include everything from a face palm and a shark to a Travolta-esque dancing man and Mrs. Claus. View the full list here before digesting even more good news: Emoji voting is scheduled to take place this spring, which gives Apple plenty of time to weave whatever gets approved into it’s new iOS, due out in the fall.

[Inserts crossed fingers.]