This New Psychological Thriller Is the #1 Movie on Netflix and It Looks *So* Good

It’s a late Friday night and you’ve been scrolling and scrolling for a new movie or TV show that won’t be a waste of your time. Allow us to put an end to your doom scroll with the latest Netflix hit—and it looks so good.

The new psychological, The Strays, premiered on Netflix last Friday, February 17, and it’s already claimed the number one spot on the top ten movies list. Just by reading about the plotline alone, we can already see why. 

Reminiscent of movies like Hush and The Strangers, the film revolves around a wealthy woman named Neve (played by Ashley Madekwe), who appears to have everything: the perfect house, job and husband. But, that soon changes when two strangers show up at her house and make her life a living hell.

Directed and written by Nathaniel Martello-White, The Strays features a talented ensemble cast, which includes Madekwe (Revenge), Bukky Bakray (Rocks), Jorden Myrie (Mood), Justin Salinger (Grant) and Samuel Paul Small (Game of Thrones).


Digital Spy said of the film, “[Director] Martello-White's script delivers a nuanced and layered leading trio of characters and offers no easy answers. Your allegiances will switch throughout and by the end, you still won't know who is in the right—if anybody is.”

Chris Harris/Netflix

You had us at psychological thriller. The Strays is streaming now on Netflix.

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