22 of the Best Movies About Cats, from ‘Keanu’ to ‘Aristocats’

Like dogs, cats are great companions. Sure, they’re independent creatures, but they also form incredible bonds with humans (even studies have proven that they boost our mood). So, it comes as no surprise that our feline friends have inspired so many movies about cats, whether it’s an eye-opening documentary or a feel-good Disney film.

Whether you’re searching for good options to watch with the family or planning a special movie night with your kitty, keep reading for 22 movies about cats that you can stream on Amazon Prime, Disney+ and more.

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1. ‘keanu’ (2016)

Partners in crime Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key co-star in this bizarre, yet hilarious buddy comedy. They play cousins Rell and Clarence, who embark on a mission to find Rell’s stolen cat (voiced by Keanu Reeves). After learning that the thief is a dangerous criminal, they must work for him in order to get the beloved cat back. Naturally, chaos ensues.

2. ‘the Rabbi's Cat’ (2011)

With vibrant hues, stunning animation and a talking cat, one would assume that it’s just another Disney-esque tale for kids—but there’s more to it than meets the eye. Set in 1920s Algeria, the film follows Rabbi Sfar (Maurice Benichou), who learns that his feline friend has a newfound ability to speak after eating a talking parrot. When the sharp-tongued cat uses its voice to question religion, faith and life’s purpose, the rabbi starts to reconsider his views.

3. ‘a Street Cat Named Bob’ (2016)

Based on a true story, this thoughtful film revolves around James Bowen (Luke Treadaway), a homeless musician and recovering drug addict whose life begins to change after he bonds with a stray cat in the streets of London. It’s an inspiring tale of redemption and hope, but it’s not overwhelmingly cheesy or sappy. Plus, the ginger feline might inspire you to get a cat of your own.

4. ‘kedi’ (2016)

This insightful documentary focuses on seven cats—ranging from fiercely independent creatures who fend for themselves to tamer kittens who are looked after by the community—who roam freely in Istanbul, Turkey. The film also features in-depth interviews with those who interacted with them, offering quite a bit of insight on how they live.

5. ‘the Cat From Outer Space’ (1978)

Think E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, but with an alien cat instead. In the film, a cat gets stranded on Earth after his spaceship gets damaged, and he enlists the help of scientists to help him return home. But thanks to the government and foreign spies, this is no easy task.

6. ‘puss In Boots’ (2011)

Ever wondered what Puss in Boots (Antonio Banderas) was up to before he appeared in Shrek 2? Well, now’s your chance to get the 411 on his background. Unlike the official fairytale, Puss in Boots follows the smooth-talking cat as a fugitive who’s on the run. To restore his honor, he teams up with Humpty Dumpty (Zach Galifianakis) and Kitty Softpaws (Salma Hayek) to retrieve a valuable Golden Goose.

7. ‘hocus Pocus’ (1993)

No, this Disney classic isn’t necessarily about cats, but we can still agree that the main characters would never have survived without the guidance of the legendary Thackery Binx. After three centuries of roaming the streets as a black cat, the cursed teen is tasked with helping three kids save the town when Max Dennison (Omri Katz) accidentally frees a trio of witches.

8. ‘tom & Jerry’ (2021)

Our childhood favorites are at it again—only this time, they’re battling it out in the real world. In this impressive hybrid of animation and live-action, an event planner hires Tom to get rid of Jerry after he moves into an upscale hotel. Of course, the eager cat’s efforts to solve the problem only lead to more chaos. Expect appearances by Chloë Grace Moretz, Michael Peña, Colin Jost and Rob Delaney.

9. ‘tom And Jerry: A Nutcracker Tale’ (2007)

There are quite a few Tom and Jerry flicks to choose from, but this holiday-themed installment is guaranteed to make any kid smile. Jerry is living his best life in a magical wonderland that’s filled with holiday cheer, but when Tom and his crew show up and take over, Jerry must win the kingdom back—but not without the help of the Toymaker.

10. ‘the Voices’ (2015)

At first glance, you might mistake this for a silly comedy, given that it has Ryan Reynolds and not one, but two talking pets. But in reality, it’s a comedy horror that dabbles in some dark themes. Reynolds plays a quirky guy named Jerry, whose efforts to pursue a love interest take a dangerously fatal turn after he accepts guidance from his talking cat and dog. Prepare to be mind-blown at the end…

11. ‘homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey’ (1993)

Need a heartfelt movie that tackles family themes? You’ve come to the right place. Michael J. Fox, Don Ameche and Sally Field are the voices behind the Seavers family’s beloved cat and two dogs, who fear that they’ve been left behind after the family goes on vacation. Determined to reunite with their owners, the trio embark on a challenging journey.

12. ‘that Darn Cat!’ (1965)

When a bank teller gets kidnapped, she sends for help by using her neighbor’s cat. Fortunately for her, the neighbor gets her message, and after a quick call to the F.B.I, a cat-allergic agent is assigned to find the missing woman by tailing the kitten. What could possibly go wrong?

13. ‘the Adventures Of Milo And Otis’ (1986)

Narrated by Dudley Moore, the film follows Milo (the cat) and Otis (the dog), who are the best of friends. But when an incident accidentally separates them, they embark on a wild journey to find their way back to each other. *Grabs a tissue*

14. ‘harry And Tonto’ (1974)

The Oscar-winning film revolves around a retired New York professor, whose home is destroyed in order to build a new structure. In response, he takes his beloved cat and embarks on his first adventure, traveling across the country and making new connections along the way.

15. ‘the Aristocats’ (1970)

Who can say no to a nostalgic gem that has stunning animation, jazzy music and cultured, aristocratic cats? This feel-good film follows a group of well-off kittens, who get kidnapped by an evil butler. Can they make it back home?

16. ‘oliver & Company’ (1988)

Inspired by Charles Dickens's Oliver Twist, the Disney classic follows a homeless cat named Oliver, who joins a gang of stray dogs and helps them steal to survive. When he meets a wealthy girl named Jenny (Natalie Gregory), everything changes. The kid-friendly flick made history as the first animated film to gross $100 million worldwide during its initial release.

17. ‘garfield’ (2004)

Follow the misadventures of this famous orange (and spaghetti-loving) feline as he sets out to rescue his owner’s runaway dog, with the help of his pals. The comedy stars Breckin Meyer, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Bill Murray and Stephen Tobolowsky.

18. ‘a Whisker Away’ (2020)

When a middle schooler is gifted with a magical mask that can turn her into a cat, she uses it to get the attention of her classmate and longtime crush. But the more she uses the mask, she more she risks becoming a kitten for good. Ah, the things we do for love…

19. ‘the Cat’ (2011)

FYI, this South Korean horror isn't for the faint of heart, but it'll be a special treat for those who love a good scare. In the film, So-yeon (Park Min-young), a pet store worker, starts having strange nightmares and sees ghosts after she inherits a mysterious Persian cat.

20. ‘a Cat In Paris’ (2012)

In this fascinating crime drama, a young Parisian girl named Zoé (Oriane Zani) discovers that her cat has been leading a double life. By day, he acts as her pet, and by night, he works for a burglar. When Zoé follows him one night, she gets involved with gangsters, and it's up to her cat to save the day.

21. ‘cats & Dogs’ (2001)

Cats and dogs may get along well in real life, but in this film, they’re highly intelligent animals involved in a full-blown war as they compete to win over humans. When a science expert works on creating a cure for dog allergies, the cats deduce that dogs will become the superior pet, prompting them to retaliate with clever schemes of their own. But the dogs aren’t going down without a fight.

22. ‘stuart Little’ (1999)

When Stuart (Michael J. Fox), a lovable white mouse, gets adopted by the Little family, their Persian cat, Snowbell (Nathan Lane), isn’t thrilled. In fact, he gets so jealous that he plots to get rid of his new “master,” enlisting the help of a few alley cat mobsters. Grab this one for your next family movie night if you’re looking for a guaranteed hit.

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