7 Brilliant Movie Theater Hacks

Like scoring cheap tickets...and calculating when to pee

February, already? This means you’ve got approximately three(ish) weeks to get to a cinema and watch all the Oscar films. If only movie theaters were as comfy (and close to the fridge) as your couch. Here, seven hacks that will make the entire experience a heck of a lot better.

1. Scan Social Media For Day-of Discounts

To keep on top of savings, simply “like” your local movie theater on Facebook or follow it on Twitter, then scour the page the next time you’re making movie plans to see if you can find a deal. (For example, our local AMC was advertising discounted Tuesdays when we checked.)

2. Get "layered" Buttered Popcorn

Basically, this is concession stand lingo for adding butter in measured increments--aka there won’t be a dry bite in the bag.

3. Sit Two-thirds Of The Way Back For The Best Sound

You should also try to nab seats smack-dab in the middle of the row.

4. Calling All Shorties: Pick A Seat Behind A Child

Sure, it’s tempting to sit behind an empty row, but it’s inevitable: A dude who’s seven feet tall will plop down in front of you right as the opening credits start to roll. Be strategic.

5. If You're Packing Snacks, Use Saran Wrap

Don’t be the jerk opening your tinfoil-wrapped leftovers right in the middle of the sex scene.

Whisked Foodie

6. If You're Packing Wine, Use Your S'well

The film’s run time is at least two hours. How else are you supposed to keep your Sauv Blanc chilled?

7. Download Runpee To Calculate Bathroom Breaks

The super-subtle app alerts you via vibration when a good time to go to the bathroom is coming up--thereby ensuring that you don’t miss anything crucial but also don’t pee your pants.