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Your March Horoscope Is Here

A handsome stranger on the street, a delicate lace blouse, the neon pink of a winter sunset: Subtle hints of romance are in the air this month, so make it your mission to pause and enjoy. We checked in with Astrologer Bess Matassa to see what the stars have in mind.

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1 Pisces

Resist the urge to go full-on hermit by recognizing that winter hibernation doesn’t necessarily serve your present goals (like growing your professional network, or getting more exercise). Even if your usual crew is staying in, and your Netflix queue looks like heaven, find a reason to bring your heels (or running shoes) out of hiding and get back out in the world.

2 Aries

It’s easy to skip out on plans in these sluggish winter months, but going on dates (whether with your dude or your favorite group of ladies) is extra important right now, since your ordinarily cheerful spirit has recently been a bit…meh. Another easy pick-me-up? Buying yourself new underwear or bedding—basically anything to make you feel luxurious and sexy.

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3 Taurus

You’re an earthy girl, but March is all about getting in touch with water—both in the literal sense (a weekend trip to the sea or a swim at the local Y) and the figurative one. So now’s the time to sit back and ride the tide, Ms. Ordinarily Hyper-Prepared. When Mars enters your sign on the ninth, this go-with-the-flow mentality will come in handy in a stressful situation.

4 Gemini

You’re deeply thoughtful, but when it comes to sharing those’re kind of Alcatraz. A friendly reminder: Letting your guard down emotionally is not a sign of weakness, and your feelings are never a burden to those who care about you. Whether it’s watching a weepy Oscars winner (and not holding back the waterworks) or actively talking out your hopes and frustrations, releasing some emotional weight will have a major impact on your productivity.

5 Cancer

You powered through the start of 2017 with a calendar to make Anna Wintour do a double take. And now you’re burnt to a crisp. This month, dedicate some energy to finding pleasure in alone time. Try quiet acts of solitude (think journaling, or swapping TV for a book), and once you land on something you love, build it into your busy routine for the long haul.

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6 Leo

Creativity has always been a source of pride and joy for you, Leo, but recently you’ve felt at a loss. (Um, editing photos for Instagram does not count toward your creativity quota.) It’s time to unplug and get inspired the old-fashioned way. Make a mood board for a bedroom revamp, host a themed cocktail party or DIY a gift for a friend. It’s a whole lot more rewarding than a double tap, we promise.

7 Virgo

You know you need a clear head in order to get stuff done. And recently, you’ve been feeling like a jumbled crazy person. Take this month to bring order back to your life—whether it’s organizing your closet or talking through the future with your (equally frazzled) honey. It’ll put you on the track toward actual productivity.

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8 Libra

When it comes to love, you tend to avoid confrontation...which leads to epic bomb detonations when you do open up. With Venus, your ruling planet, in retrograde this month, it's time to examine your romantic expectations and maybe think about softening them. If you’re single, write out a list of the five things you’re looking for in a partner (and stop your quest for perfection). If you’re in relationship, be brave and share your pent-up frustrations. Speaking them out loud is the only way to move forward.

9 Scorpio

It’s been the same since you were a kid—you see something, you want it and you have to have it. Helpful for career, but not so much for your overall mental health and happiness. This month, practice a light hold. Friday night plans not shaping up? Don’t despair over a quiet night in. New mom friend not returning your phone calls? Give her some space. And take a break from shopping, OK? Your bank account will thank you.

10 Sagittarius

You’re a smart cookie with strong convictions, but sometimes it’s enough to be confident without declaring those convictions from the rooftops. Whether it’s exploring political stances counter to your own or choosing compassion over anger in frustrating situations (crying baby on an airplane, anyone?), practicing empathy is the right thing to do.

11 Capricorn

Your tendency to micromanage has got you this far, but someone important in your life would love for you to take a step back and pamper yourself. So go ahead and get the ten-minute massage add-on at the nail salon or stay in on Saturday night for a mindless HGTV marathon. The pace will pick back up soon enough, and by then, you’ll be mellowed out enough to deal with it.

12 Aquarius

Your level-headedness is the envy of many (and the reason you’re the friend who everyone goes to for advice). But this very quality tends to hold you back from juicy life experiences. Your mission? Let go of rationality and reason in the name of adventure, whether that means booking a solo trip to a new country or meeting friends for a late dinner on a weeknight (gasp). Caution, meet step-style.