19 Totally Manageable Goals to Set for 2016

Resolutions are so last year

Raise your hand if you’ve ever made a New Year’s resolution. OK cool, good showing. Now raise your hand if you’ve ever successfully stuck with your resolution for an entire year. Crickets? Crickets? 

That’s why we’re pivoting on the idea and setting a number of more manageable goals for 2016. Here, 19 things you can honestly, seriously, easily do.

1. Buy a pretty journal and write in it one time a week. Even if all you do is record the weather and what you wore to work.

2. Learn a party trick. Like juggling or opening a bottle of wine without a corkscrew.

3. Finish an entire tube of lotion without getting bored of it first.

4. Go a month without taking a selfie.

5. Go out to dinner without bringing your cell phone.

6. Always have at least three dollar bills in your wallet.

7. Make one recipe from every single cookbook on your bookshelf.

8. Try a new and exotic food. If you don’t like it, spit it out and reward yourself for being so adventurous with a tasty yet familiar food.

9. Finally figure out how to use emojis.

10. Never go to sleep without washing your face. Like ever. C’mon.

11. Take a good, hard look at your credit card statement to make sure you haven’t been paying for a dormant Spotify premium account for the last 18 months. (And if you have, cancel it.)

12. Adopt a catchphrase and use it at least once in 2016. (We’re going with Bazinga!)

13. Check all of the smoke detectors in your house. Seriously, no joke. Just do it.

14. Take a calcium pill.

15. Take the stairs instead of the escalator when the escalator’s more crowded.

16. Make sure your passport, license and Net-a-Porter shipping address are up to date. 

17. Notice a sunset. Don’t Instagram it. Just notice it.

18. Finally figure out why the Internet connection on your iPad is being so weird.

19. Never mention New Year’s resolutions after January 1. Nobody wants to hear about how you did or didn’t learn to salsa.