This Classic '90s Comedy Is #6 on Netflix (& the Trailer Alone Is Seriously Funny)

On the lookout for a '90s comedy film that'll satisfy your nostalgia? Allow us to introduce Major Payne, the Damon Wayans movie that's been sitting on Netflix's top ten list for more than a week.

After inching its way in at number ten, the 1995 film quickly made its way up to the fourth spot, bumping ahead of titles like Aftermath, Resort to Love and Home. It's now settled at number six. If you're curious to know why so many Netflix fans are drawn to the classic, the trailer alone will tell you that it's packed with enough clever one-liners and comedic moments to have you cackling non-stop.

Inspired by the 1955 film The Private War of Major Benson, Major Payne follows the story of a military officer named Benson Payne, who, after getting discharged from the Marines, is tasked with leading a group of misfit cadets at Madison Preparatory School. But trying to train these kids proves to be one of his most challenging jobs yet.

Aside from Wayans, the cast includes a few familiar faces, including Karyn Parsons (Fresh Prince of Bel-Air), Orlando Brown (That's So Raven), William Hickey (National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation) and Albert Hall (Malcolm X).

Most critics weren't too fond of the movie, but some have praised Wayans for his strong performance. Critic Roger Ebert wrote, "The key to this kind of comedy is to go all the way with it, and Wayans creates a comic character out of narrowness, obsession, and blind commitment. Of course the arc of the storyline is familiar; we know the pretty teacher will soften him, and that he will grow fond of the cadets, and no prizes for guessing who wins the big all-Virginia ROTC competition... Wayans is one of the most talented comic actors around, especially when he lets go and swings for the fences."

We know what we're watching tonight.

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