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When the rest of the country’s worried about frostbite, we’re slathering on sunscreen. That’s the least of our little eccentricities as Angelenos, and the way we date, relate and show our love is just as unique. The Valentines below are a little peek into terms of endearment, West Coast-style. Enjoy, lovebirds.

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Quote 12

I love you enough to cross the 405. At rush hour.

Quote 22

I need you even more than my matcha latte with turmeric.

Quote 32

I don’t identify as being East Side or West Side. I just think of myself as by your side.

Quote 41

You’re way cooler than all the Arts District galleries rolled into one.

Quote 112

Know how into you I am? I think you make veganism look sexy.

Quote 51

My love is eternal, much like the bottleneck on the 101 between Sepulveda and Laurel Canyon.

Quote 61

I’d stop meditating to run outside and feed your meter.

Quote 71

I’d swim across the L.A. River for you. (OK fine, wade.)

Quote 91

You make me want to be a better driver.

Quote 101

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