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Wait, you only went on one hike in 2016? And never saw a movie at ArcLight? Oy vey. You have a lot of changes to make in 2017—at least according to everyone who lives in Los Angeles. Here, ten New Year’s resolutions that only an Angeleno would make.


la nye resolutions 1

1. I will see a movie at the Dome. Embrace Hollywood, baby. This huge-screen-in-a-geodesic-dome, built in 1963, shows a great cross section of indie films (Jackie) and blockbusters (Rogue One). Plus, it’s way better than streaming something on your iPad.

2. I will base dinner around dessert. Just so much pastry chef talent here: Butterscotch budino at Pizzeria Mozza, unicorn poop (it’s delicious) in the Valley and more. A love of sweets makes us human.

la nye resolutions 2

3. I will hike every other week. It’s free, fast (you can get in and out in under and hour) and it's easy (just pick the flattest trail). You’ll get stress relief and burn some calories. What’s not to love?

4. I will cross the 405 every month. Maybe it’s to go to that new hot restaurant, art exhibit or just to see how the other half lives—we’re done being intimidated by the chance of a big scary traffic snarl. Not really. But we’ll embrace it.

la nye resolutions 3

5. I will take the metro. Because now you can ride from Culver City and Downtown to hang out in Santa Monica without parking hassles. And, hey, you can even read a book while you do it. Take that, driving.

6. I will try a colonic. This procedure has been a punch line since Steve Martin’s 1991 L.A. Story. But all your girlfriends assure you it’s a great way to feel lighter and jump-start your digestion (whatever that means).

la nye resolutions 4

7. I will actually go to the beach. Sure, we love bragging about the beach, but sometimes we forget to actually make it out there.

8. I will join a CSA. Because nothing forces you to eat clean and local like that box full of kale staring at you in the fridge.

la nye resolutions 5
Barefoot Blonde

9. I will finally achieve the trendiest L.A. hairstyle. Whether that’s mermaid waves, ombré, a chunky braid or whatever Gigi Hadid is doing, we will master it (at least once, OK?).

10. I will boot camp or juice cleanse. Whether it’s a month-long commitment or a weekend of drinking all our meals, it’s time to try one of those fitness/wellness plans. (If only to say we did it.)

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