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9 Awesome Gifts for All Your L.A. Friends (That They Don’t Already Have)

Less clutter, more utility. That’s our motto for buying our L.A. friends and family holiday gifts. (And words to live by: In the land of the aluminum lobby Christmas tree, the custom nail decal reigns supreme.) Here’s what to get for every Angeleno on your list.

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Dog-Friendly Seat Covers

Taking Rex to the dog park is a joy; the post-visit backseat dust storm, not so much. This quilted twill with leather accents is so luxe, he’ll think you got it to pamper him.

Petsafe (from $95)

Cover: Assouline/Background: constantgardener/Getty Images


The new Assouline-published book by the expat Manhattanite illustrator and artist—who now splits his time between Santa Monica and Montecito—will look great on your fashionable friend’s coffee table. His kooky, colorful work is made of humble materials including masking tape, spray paint and butcher’s paper.

Buy the book ($59)


Electronic Cord Holders

For those friends whose “job” consists of camping out in a Starbucks alongside all the other aspiring somethings, these sleeves will ensure they don’t waste any precious time untangling their earbuds. You know, while they’re writing their e-commerce business plans (screenplays are so 2010).

CB2 ($30)

LA Originals

LA Nail Decals

Nobody does nail art like Angelenos, and these L.A.-pride decals are from a local outfit obsessed with pop cultural and Latino heritage themes. Legit. If you have a tween or teen on your list, they’ll want one of these masked luchadores on their nails (and therefore social media) stat.

Cha Cha Covers ($6)

Shop Katie Hodges Design

Handmade Decorator Pillow

No self-respecting couch in town is without a one-of-a-kind decorative pillow made from rare imported fabric. You can spend three bills on one, easy, at the boutiques along La Cienega, or you can order from this local interior decorator’s new online shop, which has tons of options under $150.

Katie Hodges ($149)

Hepps Salt Co.

Foodie-Approved Salt

Seriously, you’ll never win if you try to get the foodie on your list a cookbook or kitchen gadget—they either have them all or say they “prefer to mandoline vegetables freehand.” But sea salt, especially in flavors like roasted garlic and black truffle from this Venice-based company, is always useful (and may help nab you a dinner-party invite in the near future).

Hepps Salt Co. ($45)


Lips Pool Float

All the funnest pool parties have the gaudiest, most eye-catching inflatables. (We're talking about floaties. What did you think we meant?) Gift this Venice-made set of ruby smackers, and maybe you’ll be invited back to try it out—you know, next week, when it’s back in the 80s.

Funboy ($79)

See’s Candies

Chocolate Hanukkah Set

You know nobody can resist popping a gold coin (or ten) in their piehole, so you might as well make sure they’re the highest quality, from SoCal’s beloved local sweets maker.

See’s Candies ($43)

Sisters of Los Angeles

Oversize Neighborhood Tote

Remember that time you were just the teensiest bit mortified when your pal showed up to your beach/farmers’ market/flea market date carrying a few ratty old Ralph’s bags to haul her stuff around? Friends don’t let friends tote sloppily: Gift one of these extra-roomy (21 x 17 inch) bags emblazoned with wherever your recipient lives (Silverlake to Santa Monica). Ah, that’s better.

Sisters of Los Angeles ($35)

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