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Along with the sun, sand and swaying palms, Los Angeles is gifted with having some of the nicest, most creative (and OK, sometimes nuttiest) residents on the planet. So take a moment to love on these women, your posse, from the shoulder to cry on to your macrobiotic cheerleader.

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fitness fanatic los angeles friends giphy

The Fitness Fanatic

She’s already been to the latest boot camp studio that opened up just yesterday, and tells you the key to getting cut is eating protein half an hour after your workout. She’s great to tag along with—but you draw the line at getting one of her beloved colonics.

spiritual los angeles friend types giphy

The Spiritual Seeker

She seems pretty chill, since she meditates twice a day, does yoga and has a lot to say about that silent retreat she’s going to in Mexico. Thank God she’s still able to drop the occasional F-bomb when you’re driving with her.

aspiring writer los angeles friends giphy

The Aspiring Writer

She’s writing a book, just wrote a book or is shopping her book around to agents right now. You don’t have the heart to tell her that the last time you had time to read anything more than a listicle, it was pre-Internet, -family, -the turn of the millennium.

industry insider los angeles friends giphy

The Industry Insider

She’s a star. Or a mogul. Or the personal assistant of a star-mogul. Either way, hanging with her is completely value-added, since she’s always giving you gossip. And gift bag swag.

micro manager mom los angeles friends giphy

The MicroManager Mom

Her kids are always done early with their school projects, prepared for music and sports practices and look amazing on Facebook. You’ve learned to ride in her wake, so you’re sort of prepared, too.

sunset hipster los angeles friends giphy

The Sunset Hipster

Thanks to this doll, now you see that the cat eye has been replaced by neon liner, that high-waisted shorts are still happening for spring and that “on the reg” is a phrase. This window to the East Side keeps you current.

adventurous foodie los angeles friends giphy

The Adventurous Foodie

No need to choose a spot to meet her, since she has a long list of places in the San Gabriel Valley where she has yet to try the tacos. Also, she’s heard about a new pop-up restaurant in Echo Park where you have to buy tickets instead of making a reservation. To avoid her disapproval when you order, you just ask her what you should get so she can try it, too.

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