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Ah, Father’s Day. A meaningless faux-liday ginned up to sell cuff links and barbecue accessories. Yeah...tell that to the mom scrambling to come up with a meaningful and original gift at 11 p.m. on June 18. Great news: Your days of trying to make “dude flowers” happen are over. Here, seven creative last-minute gift ideas for the man in your life.


Get fancy takeout

OK, so you forgot to make a ressie at that hip French bistro. And you forgot to book a sitter. You can still plan a fancy dinner by putting the kids to bed early and ordering in from a beloved spot. (You’d be surprised how many nice restaurants are happy to oblige.) Then dine alfresco under the stars while listening to his favorite Metallica album. 


Pretty Woman him

Take him shopping. Ooh and ahh as he tries on suits. Buy something small. It’s the attention that counts.


Let him time travel

Call his college BFF and schedule a man-date--to a whiskey tasting, a mini-golf course or a dive bar--for just the two of them. Then blindfold your hubby, drive him to the meeting spot and release him for his day o' fun.

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Say it with song

Have your kids change the words to “You’re the best around” so it’s about him, then record their performance as an MP3 and send it to him in an email so it’s the first thing he hears in the morning.


Breakfast in Bed--with a twist

If his favorite foods are kielbasa, Trader Joe’s meatballs, artisanal New England beer and caramel cheesecake, put them on a tray and present with a flourish. If it’s before 7 a.m., even better.

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Celebrate his roots

Frame side-by-side photos of your husband, his father and his grandfather all at (or around) the same age. Instant heirloom.


Give him the day off

Like for real. Let him loaf around in his underwear, sleep 'til noon, binge-watch Game of Thrones for six hours and ignore absolutely everyone. If this is already his typical Sunday, see ideas 1 – 6. And if you can get a sitter, do it with him.

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