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From the moment we first saw her freak out over the cuteness of a sloth, we knew: Actress/singer/funny lady Kristen Bell is our people. Here, four times she was all of us—to the core.

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CBS Sunday Morning

When She Spent $142 on Her Wedding

Shell out thousands for a fancy schmancy wedding? Not Kristen (and hubby Dax Shepard). The pair got married in a Beverly Hills courthouse for a grand total of $142. (FYI, this also covered the cost of fuel to get there, according to an interview Shepard did on Jimmy Kimmel Live.) We’re kind of in awe of your thriftiness, KB.

Dax Shepard/YouTube

And Nerded Out on Vacation

Um, the pair shot a music video of their trip to Africa set to the classic '80s Toto hit. It doesn’t get any cuter than that.


When She Proved She’d Do Anything For a Good Cause

Including sing her heart out to benefit the victims of the Orlando shooting. (Lest we forget, Bell is the voice of Anna in Frozen.)

kbell 1

And Admitted She Shares Her Husband’s Toothbrush

That’s just one of the marriage tidbits they spilled on The Ellen Show. Hey girl, we’ve all been there.

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