What Is JoAnna Garcia Swisher’s Net Worth? Here’s How the ‘Sweet Magnolias’ Star Earned Her Fortune

Now that we've binge-watched the entirety of Sweet Magnolias season two, we're itching to know what's next for Maddie Townsend, AKA JoAnna Garcia Swisher. And since it may be a while before the character returns for season three (*crosses fingers*) we’re taking this opportunity to explore Swisher’s life behind the cameras—or more specifically, her impressive net worth. Keep reading for all the details.

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1. What Is Joanna Garcia Swisher’s Net Worth?

Swisher’s estimated net worth is $8 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. And it’s all thanks to her many acting roles and real estate properties.

2. When Did Her Career Begin?

Fun fact, the actress was first discovered by Disney Channel, but she passed up the opportunity because her parents wanted her to focus on school. Instead, she acted in local plays until she landed her first small role in Superboy. She went on to play Sam in Are You Afraid of the Dark?, but her salary at the time hasn't been revealed.

Since then, she has appeared in quite a few shows, including Step by Step, Dawson's Creek and Freaks and Geeks. But her most popular role came in 2001…

3. How Much Did She Earn From ‘reba’?

You probably remember Swisher as the shallow and self-centered Cheyenne on Reba. She portrayed the character for six seasons, and given the show’s record-breaking viewership, we’re almost certain that her paychecks included plenty of zeros (though the exact amount is unknown).

Fortunately for fans, Swisher revealed that she’s open to revisiting the role for a possible reboot. She told People, “​​I think it's been more than just thought about and something that I think we would all really love to be a part of. It's very much in our hearts and our minds and topics of conversations. I can assure you that if someone came to all of us and said that they wanted to do it, we're all there ready with all of the stories."

4. What About ‘sweet Magnolias’?

The actress currently plays Maddie Townsend in the hit Netflix series, which became the streaming service’s top show less than a week after it premiered. And when season two was released in February, the romance drama climbed to the number one spot once again. There’s no word on how this impacted Swisher’s salary, but it’s safe to say that she earned a pretty penny.

5. Does She Have Real Estate?

Per TMZ, the star’s husband, Nick Swisher, dished out $6 million for their Beverly Hills pad in 2019. And according to Realtor.com, the couple sold their Florida mansion—complete with a free-form pool and four-car garage—for $3 million in 2021.

Looks like the Reba alum is well on her way to doubling that $8 million...

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