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We get it. You feel guilty not taking advantage of the great outdoors during the summer months. But girlfriend, this is Texas, and you most definitely get a pass. Here are the best indoor ideas for how to pass the time until fall temps roll in.

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DAL indoor things perot museum LIST

Go to a Museum

Regardless of your interests, there is a stellar museum for you. History buff? Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza. Science nut? Perot Museum of Nature and Science. Artaficionado? Dallas Museum of Art. You get the picture. Plus, they’re basically all-you-can-eat air-conditioning situations.

DAL indoor things beer LIST
Community Beer Company/Facebook

Tour a Brewery

And by tour, we mean sip your way through a brewery. There are dozens in the DFW area, but if we had to pick favorites, we’d opt for the festivities that go down at Community Beer Co. on Saturdays and the a refreshing tasting board at Bishop Cider Co.

DAL indoor things sewing machine LIST

Attend a How-To Class

Sur La Table is an amazing resource for learning everything kitchen-related. From Knife Skills 101 to Summer Pizzas on the Grill, the Knox District location is beautiful and the classes are educational yet entertaining. Not one for the kitchen? Try learning how to sew. Urban Spools offers a variety of useful 101 classes for cheap.

DAL indoor things clothing shopping LIST

Do a Little Shopping

NorthPark Center is deliciously air-conditioned during the summer. If you have the luxury of going right when it opens, it’s even quite pleasant to just stroll around and look at the art displays should you not want to spend a lot of cash.

DAL indoor things flamingos LIST

Enjoy (Indoor) Wildlife

Whether you have a little kid or just like remembering what it feels like to be one yourself, there is something magical about the Dallas World Aquarium. Plus, it’s the one place in town where you can feel like you’re in South Africa, South America or the Yucatán Peninsula in the span of your lunch break.

DAL indoor things library LIST

Revisit a Library

Remember those places you used to go to check out books before you had a Kindle or an iPad? These nostalgic treasure chests of the past hold old-school reading options that we know will take you back to the days of heading to story time with Mom or cramming for a big exam in college. Find your local branch here.

DAL indoor things homemade face mask LIST

Indulge in a Spa Day

You never need a reason to schedule a massage or a mani/pedi, however, we love hiding out in The Joule’s subterranean spa, which has cold and hot features that will leave you feeling sofresh and so clean. Grab a glass of rosé at Copper Bar afterward…because you’re fancy.

DAL indoor things happy dog tongue out LIST

Volunteer at your Favorite Charity

Don’t let the dog days of summer get you into a rut. Channel your energy into something positive by volunteering your time at a local charity that means something to you. Think Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support, The Family Place, SPCA of Texas or The Birthday Party Project for starters.

DAL indoor things winspear opera house LIST

Catch a Show

Beauty and the Beast at the Winspear Opera House, Mary J. Blige at the Music Hall at Fair Park and La La Land in Concert at the Meyerson Symphony Center should all be on your summer bucket list.

DAL indor things strawberry popsicles LIST

Delight in a Frozen Treat

Because calories definitely don’t count when the temperatures linger in the 90s. Here are our favorite summer indulgences in Dallas.

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