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Personal politics aside, what matters most about the 2016 presidential election—which, FYI, is coming up on November 8—is that you actually participate and exercise your right to vote.

Women can (and should) be the most powerful voting bloc in the country. But fun fact from the 2012 election: Only 64 percent of eligible women turned out, according to the Center for American Women and Politics. And only 45 percent of women ages 18-24 marked their ballots. Yikes. 

That’s why we’re teaming up with Rock the Vote to make voter registration a breeze. Simply plug in your name and email and, in about two minutes, you’re set to be an integral part of this historic election. (You can also fill out the form directly above.)

Just do it now because, hello, we’re only 42 days out from November 8.

#OurVoteCounts. You got this.

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