First, it was Joe Exotic from Tiger King. And now, the internet is going to love the star of this all-new Netflix series: How to Be a Cowboy.

The streaming service just dropped the first official trailer for the upcoming show, which is exactly what it sounds like.

How to Be a Cowboy is led by Dale Brisby, a professional bull rider who is “training the next generation of cowboy” at Radiator Ranch. It follows Brisby as he uses his expertise to craft a how-to lesson on, well, how to be a cowboy.

“The cowboy life is about tradition,” he says in the clip. “We are self-reliant and answer to no one.”

Brisby continues, “There’s a lot to learn about our way of life, so you might as well learn from the best.”

The content might sound dry to some viewers, but the show is actually filled with funny references about country life, tacos and—of course—manure.

Netflix’s official synopsis reads, “Dale Brisby uses social media savvy and rodeo skills to keep cowboy traditions alive—and now he’s teaching the world how to cowboy right.”

In the comments on YouTube, fans expressed their excitement for the upcoming series. “Hell yeah. This is gonna be an American treasure,” one person wrote. Another added, “If there’s anyone that deserves a Netflix show, it’s DB.”

How to Be a Cowboy will hit Netflix on September 1. It’s rodeo time!

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