You Can Finally Live Out Your Cozy Winter Dreams in Miami's Own Yurt Village

We’re headed to the Alps this winter to cozy up in our own private yurt. Well, sort of: Italian food hall La Centrale just unveiled a charming seasonal pop-up, complete with festive eats and decor that feels straight out of a European chalet. Here’s everything you need to know to make your cold-weather dreams come true—no matter that it’s still 80 degrees outside.

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yurt miami curtain table
courtesy of La Centrale

Um, Wait, What’s A Yurt Again?

A yurt is a round, structured tent, historically a staple of Central Asia but now used all over the world. They’ve recently become popular as a stylish and upscale way to set up camp in the great outdoors—except in this case you’re actually inside the Brickell City Centre. (Minor detail.)

yurt miami drinks table
courtesy of La Centrale

Ok, So What’s The Deal With *these* Yurts?

Imagine stepping into a holiday greeting card outfitted with furry blankets, lots of plaid and Christmas wreaths. That’s exactly what this is. The winter pop-up includes an enchanting yurt village made up of glorious gold- and red-embellished tents of all sizes filled with everything you’ll need for the perfect holiday night. They’re great for date night or even a family get-together. (The largest ones fit up to 12 people.)

yurt miami table spread hands food
courtesy of La Centrale

And The Food?

The experience wouldn’t be complete without some killer provisions. We’re talking Italian cheeses and charcuterie, freshly baked breads, beef tartare, Wagyu steak, sweet chocolate fondue and panettone served with crema. Don’t forget about the cocktails, either—like mulled rosé flavored with cinnamon, orange and vanilla.

The wintry setup is sticking around until January 6. (Hmm, not a bad idea for New Year’s Eve.) It’s priced at $95 per person, which includes all the food and drink you can handle, and reservations can be booked online. We’ll be there in our finest snowflake sweater—humidity be damned.

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