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All the Feels You’ll Have During the Holidays, as Expressed by Rose Parade Floats

Nothing beats the time-honored tradition of watching the Tournament of Roses Parade, a crazy-pants assemblage of marching bands, equestrian units and dozens of floats, which, per the rules, must be completely covered with flowers, plants, seaweed, veggies and the like. Even more bizarre? Somehow those floats manage to reflect all the weirdness and wonder of the holidays in L.A. Here, nine moments that are all too familiar. (And catch the procession at 8 a.m. via an Amazon live stream hosted by Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon in character as cheesy TV commentators, or see the floats up close and personal, post-parade.)

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When all your relatives start arriving for dinner and you realize the oven has actually been off all this time.

When it dawns on you that turkey + stuffing + mashed potatoes + pie is not the best combination when it’s 80 degrees outside.

That second mug of eggnog? Also not the best idea. (Seriously, that eggs-and-heavy-cream mixture isn’t exactly meant for a desert climate.)

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When your brother-in-law shows up and proceeds to deal with family occasions in his usual way: by being so high, he’s practically orbiting the table.

When, somehow, everyone in the fam manages to peacefully express their opposing political views while discussing current events.

(JK, this is how we really feel inside during the current-events discussion.)

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Midway through your sixth glass of Champagne: “I should really get back to yoga.”

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When your only way to tune out family drama is to daydream about ditching them all next year and going to Hawaii for the holidays.

OK, so 2017 didn’t exactly turn out like you hoped. But hey…there’s always next year.

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