Heidi Klum Posts Extremely Rare Pics of Her Son in Honor of His 16th Birthday

Heidi Klum is celebrating her son's milestone birthday with a touching tribute, complete with never-before-seen photos.

The TV host and model took to Instagram and shared rare pics of her son, Henry, in honor of his 16th birthday. She wrote, "One more year around the Moon and back. I love you so much Henry. Happy 16th Birthday. You have the kindest heart and the biggest SMILE."

The proud mom included a throwback of herself holding Henry as a baby and a recent snap of herself embracing her son, who has fake shades covering his eyes.

While the America's Got Talent star is known for protecting her family's privacy, this isn't the only time Klum gave fans a glimpse of Henry. She documented another milestone moment in 2020, when Henry graduated from middle school and waved goodbye to his peers in his cap and gown. In the caption, she simply wrote, "CONGRATULATIONS HENRY," adding a string of festive emojis.

Klum shares Henry, Johan (14) and daughter Lou (11) with her ex-husband and singer, Seal. She also shares her other daughter and fellow model, Leni (17), with Italian businessman Flavio Briatore.

While speaking about parenting with Popsugar, she revealed that her secret is following her gut and "rolling with it." She said, "You know, there is no book that tells you exactly how it [motherhood] is. You have to just be free, roll with it and learn as you go. You always have to do what your gut tells you. It's about doing what you think is the right thing to do in all situations, and I think as moms, we're always trying to just do our best."

Spoken like a true boss.

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