Every Single ‘Harry Potter’ Movie Explained Using Only a Haiku

The Harry Potter movie franchise is beloved for a reason: It's magical, transportive and captivating. That being said, should you not have the time or attention span to sit through all eight movies, we've got your back. Without further ado—for whatever reason—all eight Harry Potter films explained using haikus. (Oh, and there are definitely spoilers below.)

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sorcerers stone1
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1. ‘harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone’

Harry meets Hagrid

Sorted into Gryffindor

Not Slytherin—bless!

chamber of secrets
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2. ‘harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets’

Dobby tries to help

Gang gets whomped by a willow

Tom Riddle—uh oh!

prisoner of azkaban
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3. ‘harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban’

Things get much darker

Sirius Black—what's his deal?

Alfonso Cuarón!

goblet of fire
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4. ‘harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire’

Lots of new faces

The Triwizard tournament

RIP Cedric.

order of the phoenix
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5. ‘harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix’

Dumbledore's Army

Death Eaters are everywhere

Umbridge is the worst.

half blood prince
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6. ‘harry Potter And The Half-blood Prince’

Slughorn at Hogwarts

Rickman deserved an Oscar

Later, Dumbledore.

deathly hallows 1
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7. ‘harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows – Part 1’

Freaking Nagini

Bellatrix kills poor Dobby

Elder Wand is gone.

deathly hallows 2
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8. ‘harry Potter And The Deathly Hallow – Part 2’

End of the series

Harry and friends are grown up

Later, Voldemort.

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