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Harry Potters Childhood Home Is For Sale, Lets Buy It Right Now
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It’s not news that we’re obsessed with all things Harry Potter, but it is news that Harry’s childhood home (aka the Dursley’s house) is on the market. We repeat: You can buy the house at 4 Privet Drive (unfortunately that’s not the real address, but oh well, it’s totally the house). This is not a drill.

Yep, this means you can store your winter clothes in the cupboard under the stairs where Harry lived and eat dinner at the same table where Aunt Marge floated away in book one! We’re freaking out.

Located in Bracknell, England (about 30 miles west of London), the house has three-bedrooms and is listed at 475,000 pounds ($616,000).

So, uh, looks like we’re moving. Cheerio, see you across the pond.

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