Who Is Gwendolyn Osborne​​? 6 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About the ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Star ​

The premiere of Wonder Woman 1984 is just a few months away. While the sequel will include several returning cast members—like Gal Gadot and Chris Pine—it will also feature some newcomers, like Gwendolyn Osborne.

We recently sat down with the 41-year-old actress to get the scoop about her career, along with her secretive role in Wonder Woman 1984. Keep scrolling for some fun and interesting facts that you (probably) didn’t know about Gwendolyn Osborne.

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1. Who Is Gwendolyn Osborne?

She’s an actress and model who’s making a name for herself in 2020. Osborne got her start in the industry as a model and even appeared on The Price Is Right. She eventually ventured into acting, where she landed roles in Ocean Ave., Charmed, The Bold and the Beautiful and Beauty and the Baller. The actress will also appear in the highly anticipated sequel, Wonder Woman 1984, which hits theaters on June 5.

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2. Who Does She Play In 'wonder Woman 1984'?

Unfortunately, Gwendolyn can’t tell us much about her role, since it’s still under wraps. But she did reveal that she plays a “badass” Amazon character.

“I am not allowed to say too much, but I am a highly featured Amazon,” she told PureWow. “I’m extremely athletic. I’m a badass, and I’m fearless.” Sounds like our kind of gal.

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3. How Did She Land Such A Highly Coveted Role?

The actress confirmed that she was personally tapped by director Patty Jenkins (NBD), who she met at a mutual friend’s funeral. “I actually was tapped on the shoulder by the director, Patty Jenkins, to be in it,” Osborne told PureWow. “She asked me to be one of her Amazons.”

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4. How Did She Prepare For The Movie?

Osborne underwent intense training to prepare for the movie. At one point, she “bruised” her ankle bone and started completing workouts in a boot.

“I worked through it. I had the boot on my foot, and I would go to the gym and I still do all my workouts,” she told PureWow. “Then I was cleared right before I went to England to do a six-week training camp at Warner Brothers to get put into Amazon shape.”

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5. Does She Have Social Media?

Duh. Osborne is on both Twitter and Instagram, though she admitted the latter is her favorite.

“I’m definitely on Instagram all the time and you get to see all the shenanigans that I’m up to by myself and with my kids,” she told PureWow.

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6. What's Next For Gwendolyn Osborne?

In addition to her budding acting career, Osborne is venturing into the beauty industry and launching an all-natural facial oil. “Hopefully within the next month I’ll be dropping it,” she told PureWow. “It’s an incredible anti-aging facial oil, and it just smells like a spa.”

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