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Whether you’re on a waiting list for an eight-week-old Frenchie, or you’re just one of those people (join the club) who gawks over doggie Instagram accounts incessantly, we can all agree there’s nothing better than a pup with a fantastic name. So move over Fido—here are 15 ideas that take canine naming to the next level.

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What’s better than an animal named after a totally different species? That’ll do, Pig, that’ll do.


A classic turned on its head.


Let’s face it: We were never able to say “when” to the waiter anyway.

Matzo Ball

A ball of face-licking cuteness.


Middle name: cobbler.


Only you’ll know if you’re being ironic or not.

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Burt Reynolds

That stache, people, that stache.

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Kelly Kapowski

This one will be fun to dress.

James K. Polk

The 11th president of the United States, but #1 in our hearts.

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Madame Bovary

Her cuteness level is a scandal.

Lisa Vanderpup

The tables, oh how they have turned.

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Nothing Grimm about this furry companion.

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Sarah Jessica Barker

In a sick twist of irony she rips apart all of our favorite shoes.

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Because that face gon' make me lose my mind.

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

But we just call him The Rock. Because why the hell not?

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