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There’s no one you’d rather spend a snow day with (or share a tiny one-bedroom apartment with) than your goofy little snuggle bear. Here’s everything she needs for all your winter adventures.

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dog hoodie coat NY

A Winter Coat

Yes, a puppy parka is adorable, but for a lot of dogs—especially short-haired and small ones—outerwear is a necessity for especially frigid winter walks. Layer with a hoodie or a sweater for maximum style points.

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OK, at first Stella might wonder what kind of medieval torture you’re putting her through. But once she gets used to them, waterproof shoes will protect her paws not only from the cold but from snow-melting rock salt, which irritates foot pads and can be toxic if she licks it off.

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Paw Protection Wax

If your doggo is really not having any of it with the boots, a moisturizing cream like Musher’s Secret also works as a barrier against the elements (and salt). Rub it liberally on paws and between toes: It keeps snow from clumping up on longer-haired breeds, and can even be applied to the legs and bellies of littler pups.

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Grooming Wipes

These are really a year-round necessity for cleaning off Nugget’s paws before coming back into your apartment. (Do you really want whatever mystery substances he walked through curling up on the couch? We thought not.) Look for a hypoallergenic, heavy-duty version to keep him feeling so fresh and so clean.

puppy drinking puddle
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A Collapsible Bowl

Your canine BFF gets thirsty more often than you’d think, especially in winter. If you’re out on a long walk, make sure you have a bowl handy to fill—and never let him drink from city puddles, which might contain the aforementioned toxic salts (and who knows what else).

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