Emily Hampshire Responds to the Idea of a 'Schitt's Creek' Stevie Spinoff

Emily Hampshire may have said goodbye to her Schitt’s Creek character, Stevie Budd, two years ago, but she’s totally open to revisiting the role. 

The 40-year-old actress recently sat down to speak with PureWow about her latest partnership with Jim Beam for its new “Get to the Good Stuff” campaign and the launch of the company's Bourbon Cream, which combines sweet, velvety cream liqueur with the Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

Naturally, we also had to ask if the Schitt's Creek star would ever consider doing a spinoff centered around her character. 

“Oh my God—to get to do a show where I wear flannels, jeans and converse and get to sit behind a desk and make fun of people all day long? Yes. I would do that show,” Hampshire revealed. “I don't know what the Stevie spinoff would be, but I feel like it would be hard without the rest of the people. I think that's why we aren’t going to do the show again. There was talk of some other spinoffs but it's just not the same without everyone. Like Stevie is so Stevie because of Mr. Rose and David.” 

She also opened up about her real-life friendship with David Rose (AKA Dan Levy). Hampshire continued, “My relationship with Dan is very similar to Stevie and Davids's relationship.” And even though she would be open to the idea, Hampshire stated that she “wouldn’t want to ruin any type of legacy that the show already has.”

But hey, we can still hope. 

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