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It’s been one whirlwind of a year, ladies. And what better way to end it than with the sun in spirited Sagittarius? The adventurous sign lends us the courage we need to deal with (and move past) the very things we’ve been avoiding or trying to escape. By doing so now, you’ll gain the perspective and energy to start the New Year off right. (Meaning free of any limitations or lingering insecurities.) Our friends at Mojave Rising broke it down even further for each sign.

1 Sagittarius  


Happy birthday, Sag. It’s a time for celebration, no doubt, but find a way to balance things so you don’t burn out during all the merriment. Whether it’s pairing a high-intensity fitness class with an indulgent snack spread afterward or planning a creative session (like a book club or painting class), you’ll be able to find both the social and intellectual stimulation you need to stay on an even keel through this hectic month of festivity..

2 Capricorn  


Feeling a tad restless lately? Channel that extra energy into planning for the New Year rather than taking any actual action. Trust, the payoff will be much greater with a little forethought. The first place to start? Your work space. Create a mood board (filled with images or words that inspire you) and maybe add a few beautiful elements to your desk (like a vase of fresh flowers or an acetate tray to corral your office supplies). The visual cues are exactly what you’ll need to spring your plans into action come January. 

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3 Aquarius  


This month brings about a sudden urge for freedom—in every sense of the word. Indulge this desire by planning a weekend getaway without telling anyone. This time is yours for the taking, dear Aquarius. And when you get back from your mini excursion, apply this same concept of “freeing” yourself to your home by purging any outdated belongings and cleaning out clutter. It’s amazing what a little bit of tidying can do for the soul.

4 Pisces  


Don’t let your voice get lost in the sea of noise around you. This is a month to let your innermost thoughts and feelings be heard. Try doing something that reveals the way you really see the world—like writing a cathartic tell-all blog post or starting a photography series (or, let’s be real, Instagram) with a message that’s as light or serious as you want it to be. The whole purpose of this exercise is to get comfortable with expressing yourself more freely.

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5 Aries  


Perhaps you’re a little, ahem, set in your ways, Aries. Though that’s not a bad thing, you can hold on to your beliefs while still challenging them for the sake of personal growth. Whether it’s sampling new cuisines, trying an unexpected nail polish shade or listening to a new podcast that you don’t quite “get,” just take note of the whole process. What surprised you? What did you actually enjoy? It’s all about opening up your perspective one tiny crack at a time.

6 Taurus  


December is a month of excess for everyone, but you’re feeling a little more, shall we say, overindulged than the rest. Between the parties and Pinot and presents, you have a lot of distractions around you. And much of it, though fun, feels obligatory. Take a day to retreat from the hoopla by engaging in something sensuous and healing like a sound bath or a Reiki treatment. By doing so, you’ll find just the solace you need to be able to truly enjoy the rest of the season.

7 Gemini  


Your curious nature makes you a walking encyclopedia of random facts (and an excellent addition to any trivia team), but it also means that you can be easily distracted at times. Combine this innate thirst for knowledge with some focus and you’ll be unstoppable in the year ahead. Try something that requires your undivided attention—like putting together a jigsaw puzzle or knitting a scarf—to start training your brain.

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8 Cancer  


The holidays are an interesting time for many families, especially yours. On one hand, it’s great to see everyone, but a few hours in, you may realize that just because you’re related does not mean you are all that much alike. Celebrate these differences by introducing a new holiday tradition into the mix. Whether it’s preparing a nontraditional dish for everyone to sample or adding a new movie to the queue of classics, it will serve as a renewed sense of community after your well-meaning Aunt Mary makes some backhanded comment about how you look “really healthy.”

9 Leo  


Leo, you are fierce and fiery when the occasion calls for it, but through it all (and perhaps more dominantly) you are a downright sap. You have a lot of love and passion inside, and it’s time to share it with the world around you. Now is the time to get involved in some holiday volunteer work or perhaps lend your creative prowess to crafting up some handmade gifts (and don’t hold back on the elaborate gift wrapping, either). By finding ways to bring other people joy, you’ll stoke your inner fire for the coming year.

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10 Virgo  


Here’s your mantra this month, Virgo: Leap before you look. Forgo your usual foresight and throw some of that adventurous Sagittarian spirit into your day-to-day. Explore this notion in the kitchen by ditching a formal recipe for a little freestyle cooking instead. Or try something totally different with your wardrobe. (Might we suggest a new texture or pattern?) The whole point is to get comfortable with just doing things—even if they don’t turn out quite “right.”

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11 Libra  


Though you typically strive for diplomacy in your relationships, this month is about using that Sag penchant for telling it like it is—even if it means disturbing the peace a little. Put this idea into practice by not holding back in other ways, whether it’s through an outdoor activity you’ve always been too scared to try or wearing something you’ve always loved but weren’t sure you could pull off. It just might spark the courage you need to have any (overdue) heart-to-hearts with your loved ones.

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12 Scorpio  


Coming off of your birthday month doesn’t mean the celebration has to stop, dear Scorpio. Au contraire. Keep the fun going, by all means, but drop any elaborate plans. Think spontaneous living-room dance parties, diving into your favorite fashion magazines for a few hours, getting a festive manicure or belting out some holiday tunes in the shower. There is something to be said for the simple things in life. 

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