David Burtka Gives Us a Family Halloween Status Update: ‘I’m Honestly a Little Worried’

When it comes to celebrity family Halloween costumes, there’s no denying that David Burtka and Neil Patrick Harris do it best. And while we annually anticipate what the duo has up their sleeve, this year, Burtka is unsure if the gang will even get to celebrate (gasp!).

PureWow recently sat down with the 45-year-old actor to discuss his latest project, The Tales of Tofu video series, which he co-created with House Foods America to help children and families eat healthier. The videos tell the story of little Tofu, alongside Burtka’s easy-to-prepare, kid-friendly recipes—and he even does the voiceover work for them. During the chat, the How I Met Your Mother star also opened up about his family’s plan for Halloween this year (see one of our favorite looks below).

“I’m honestly a little worried,” Burtka said in the interview. “Neil leaves for Berlin soon. He’s filming the Matrix 4 and he has to wrap the movie. I'm hoping that he’s home in time for Halloween. But we don't have a date in mind when things are going to be wrapped. So right now, it’s really fluid.”

So, what does this mean for costumes?! Well, at the moment he’s not quite sure. Luckily, he may have a few ideas.

Burtka continued, “Hopefully, we’ll get to do Halloween costumes. Maybe it will be a Zoom costume and we’ll all be in little TV screens. Who knows if trick-or-treat is even happening. I’m going to have to do something and come up with something. But we’ll see.”

Trick-or-treating isn’t the only thing that may be affected by coronavirus. As it turns out, Burtka had a spooky project in the works that’s now up in the air. “I was supposed to do a big Halloween two-part series on the Food Network, one for adults and one for kids. But that got pushed back, too,” he stated. “I’ll probably end up filming it in December and it’ll be too late.”

We’ll celebrate Halloween with Burtka any time of the year.