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What is it about the dating ecosystem in this town that provides endless frustration and entertainment? (Sex and the City premiered 19 years ago—let that sink in for a minute.) If you’ve spent any time as a single gal here—whether it was in the ’90s or the Tinder era—we’re guessing a few of these experiences are going to sound familiar.

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nyc subway

1. You will be 20 minutes late for a first date because the train you’re on suddenly decides to go express.

2. Or you’ll be the one kept waiting. (Resist the urge to order a second Negroni before the other person even shows up…we speak from experience.)

3. Friends, exes, friends’ exes and exes’ friends will somehow always end up appearing in your Bumble queue…

4. will coworkers, which makes any eye contact during those biweekly meetings extra uncomfortable.

younger hilary duff
TV Land

5. You will experience at least one goodnight kiss (or attempt at one) outside a heavily trafficked subway entrance. There’s nothing like the romantic lighting of a 24-hour Duane Reade.

6. Or worse, you’ll end up taking the same train home and awkwardly making small talk while the entire car listens.

7. You will break things off with someone you like just because they live one too many subway transfers away.

8. And you’ll probably stay with someone you’re not that into because you’re not ready to say goodbye to their 1,400-square-foot penthouse.

9. That, or their adorable terrier mix. (The hardest part of any breakup, really.)

spiderman peter parker
Columbia Pictures

10. Forget meeting the parents—if they get the approval of your doorman, they’re in.

11. You’ll get dragged to see your date’s death-metal band/poetry reading/experimental dance performance and question every decision that led to that moment.

12. You will take a seat next to your date in a crowded bar…and realize the person on the other side of you is someone else you’ve been chatting with on Tinder. This should be a fun hour and a half…

13. Someone you’ve been dating for a while and are just starting to consider getting serious with will announce that they’re moving to L.A. Le sigh.

snl amy poehler maya rudolph

14. You’ll show up at a predetermined venue only to discover it shut down last month.

15. You’ll have great dates that go on forever and end over late-night pizza…

16. And nights where you escape from a total disaster and treat yourself to a slice on the way home. (Because let’s face it, pizza cures all.)

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