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Hey, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with defaulting to what you know you can agree on (hello there, Mia’s brisket tacos). But sometimes in relationships you have to think outside the box if you want to keep things fresh. Here are nine non-boring ways to spend an evening with your better half.

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dallas date night 1

Make a Cozy Winter Dinner in a Sur La Table Cooking Class

Instead of sitting across from each other at dinner, try casually bumping into each other while you caramelize Brussels sprouts or grazing each other’s hands while rolling out the crust for your chicken potpie. Yeah, cooking comfort food has never been sexier.

dallas date night 2

Pair Wine and Cheese at Scardello Artisan Cheese

Who needs a whole meal when you can just flirt over every kind of delicious cheese there is? Pair them with great wine (included in the cost of the class) and this will go down in the history of best dates ever. But hurry, these classes sell out fast.

dallas date night 3
Chocolate Secrets/Facebook

Or Pair Chocolate and Wine at Chocolate Secrets

If cheese doesn’t do it for you (you’re dead to us), maybe chocolate will. At Chocolate Secrets, your pairings are arranged by a sommelier and chocolate expert who will blow your mind with how much more amazing your two favorite treats are when they’re put together…kinda like you and your S.O.

dallas date night 4
Top Golf/Credit

Get Sporty at Top Golf

Food? Check. Drinks? Check. Something to keep you busy as you subtly figure out if he wants kids? Check. There’s golf games for all levels, so even if you’re both newbies (or experts, or a combo of either), you’ll find a game you can both enjoy while bobbing your heads to the music.

galleria ice skating dallas
The Galleria Dallas

Ice-Skate at The Galleria

It doesn’t have to be the holidays to take a few romantic laps around the rink. While the two of you might not have that Kristi Yamaguchi grace just yet, falling on the ice together is its own kind of adorableness.

dallas date night 6
AT&T Performing Arts Center

See a Show at the AT&T Performing Arts Center

Hedwig and the Angry Inch, the Dallas Black Dance Theatre, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Madame Butterfly... Get cultured while you fall in love. It’s a win-win.

dallas date night 7

Take in a Concert at The Granada

Get your signature sway greased up and ready to rock. This iconic music venue is a date-night mecca (we have our eyes on you, Neil Fest). And we know we said we’d tell you about things besides dinner and a movie, but if you see a show here, you are near Wayward Sons. Just FYI.

dallas date night 8
Four Corners Brewery Co./Facebook

Take a Brewery Tour

It’s sippable culture, and we have so many awesome breweries to choose from: Community, Lakewood, Deep Ellum, Four Corners, TUPPS. While you learn about how your favorite beer is made, you also get to sample the goods.

sunset helicopter ride dallas date night ideas
f11photo/getty images

Helicopter Ride at Sunset

No, you don’t have to be on The Bachelor to score a helicopter date. Plenty of companies offer private rides around Dallas, including one that will take you on a wine tour in style. But we have to say, if you’re going for romantic, a sunset ride is the way to our heart.

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