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A video posted by Satisfying Kinetic Sand videos (@sand.isfying) on

We need to come clean: We’re addicted to watching sand-cutting videos on Instagram. We know, we know—it sounds pretty peculiar, so we’ll explain.

The Instagram account @Sand.Isfying, which has more than 145K followers, is just what you’d think it is: a feed of an offscreen person using different tools to cut through colored sand (red, blue, black, green) that’s been molded into different shapes (bricks, cones, wheels, etc.). It may sound creepy (OK, it is totally creepy), but the account has gained traction because people can’t seem to get enough. 

The interwebs are filled with eccentricities, but there might be something more universal to the popularity of these sand videos. On one hand, it could be that they’re so damn mesmerizing. Or, for some, it may have ASMR effects, aka autonomous sensory meridian response (or that “tingly” feeling you experience when you hear or see something soothing).

Whatever it is, it’s definitely sand-isfying.

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