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Hooray! Hollywood Is Turning Prep Into a TV Show
Josephine Sittenfeld

We're sometimes skeptical of book-to-TV-show adaptations (Did you guys watch Under the Dome? Terrible.) That said, we're thrilled to hear, per Deadline, that HBO has acquired the rights to the awesome novel Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld in the hopes of adapting it into a comedy series. 

The funny 2005 coming-of-age novel about a midwestern teenager who attends an elite east coast boarding school on scholarship is being developed by Colleen McGuinness, a former writer and producer on 30 Rock, and Carolyn Strauss, a current executive producer on Game of Thrones

Between Sittenfeld's achingly-relatable story and the two super talented ladies already attached to the project, the bar is set pretty high here. Plus, we're dying to know who they'll cast as astute outcast Lee Fiora.

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