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Empathy, caring, passion…what’s the necessary formula for a good relationship? Hell if we know. But we’ve noticed these types of couples all around town and bet you do, too. No judgment. (Well, maybe just a little.)

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power couple la couples you meet
John Lamparski / Getty Images

The Industry Power Couple

There’s a lot of actor-producer-writer-singer-dancer hyphenable talent going on here and lots of swanky opportunities to meet one another, which means: lots of couples in the biz. Expect flashbulbs and chauffeurs if your kids ever have a playdate.

social media exhibitionists la couples you meet

The Social Media Exhibitionists

Seriously you two, get a room. Or at least a private Insta account.

big age difference la couples you meet
Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

The Big-Age-Difference Couple

Let’s say there’s a quarter century age difference between you and your significant other. NBD in Hollywood…especially since we’re this close to finding the fountain of youth.

obsessed with their dog la couples you meet

The Couple Obsessed with Their Exotic-Breed Dog

“What, you’ve never heard of a Chinese Crested Water Hound Egyptian Malamute Terrier? Well, little Jacques here has never heard of you!”

take our kids everywhere la couples you meet
Marc Piasecki / Getty Images

The “We Take Our Kids Everywhere” Couple

If they’re not making Junior sit through the omakase meal at Sushi Zo, they’re dragging him along to a black-and-white-movie screening at Cinefamily. But hey, that’s how you educate your future titans of the film industry.

beachy couple la couples you meet

The Beachy Couple

If it’s not jogging between lifeguard towers at dawn, it’s competitive volleyball, surfing in a full wetsuit or jetting off to Mexican yoga-surf weekends. Seriously, hope you have stock in sunscreen.

too cool to admit were together  la couples you meet
Fred Duval / Getty Images

The “Too Cool to Admit We’re Together” Couple

“I mean, no one is hiding anything. It’s just, we’re really private.”

foodies la couples you meet

The Foodies

If they’re not at the latest DTLA boîte, then they’re learning to home-distill sake. And they want to tell you all about it. At length. In great detail. At least they’re making you dinner tonight.

non stop couple la couples you meet
Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

The Non-Stop Couple

They’re courtside at a Clippers game, then the next day meditating in Malibu. They’re sporty, cerebral and never seem to waste time on anything as boring as work or housekeeping. They are, quite simply, the most active couple in the world.

time capsule couple la couples you meet

The Time Capsule Couple

Sure, time marches on. But apparently not in Laurel or Topanga Canyons, where little clusters of hippie holdovers are still chanting, collecting rainwater and the like (aka living simply on a multimillion-dollar piece of land).

fun couple la couples you meet
Steve Granitz / Getty Images

The Fun Couple

They’re always cracking each other up and having such a good time together and for some unexplained reason of the universe, it doesn’t bother anybody. #relationship #goals 

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