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The Artsy Adult Playground That’s Taking Over Your Instagram Feed
Courtesy of Color Factory

Technicolor treats served on a seven-foot lazy Susan, a giant ball pit filled with 207,000 yellow orbs and a confetti room that feels like the inside of a snow globe. Welcome to the Color Factory.

If you’ve been anywhere near social media in the past few days, you’ve undoubtedly scrolled through Boomerangs and Snaps sharing every vibrant detail of the highly anticipated month-long pop-up in Union Square. But this isn’t mere Instagram bait—you have to experience the immersive exhibit for yourself. 

You’ll know you’ve reached the right place when you see the rainbow-striped facade. Step inside the 12,000-square-foot building for two stories of color-themed installations by 15 different artists. (You can thank Oh Happy Day, artist Leah Rosenberg and designer Erin Jang for this brilliant creation.) Each room explores a different hue—from the lavender selfie room by British artist Tom Stayte to a blue balloon bath (say that three times fast) by Jihan Zencirli to the life-size coloring book with giant five-foot-long green markers designed by illustrators Andy J. Miller and Andrew Neyer. 

Leave with a map of specially commissioned “color experiences” throughout the city (pink drinks from the Boba Guys, Technicolor manicure at Sutter Nails) and a mini cone of Garden Creamery soft serve in “yellow” flavors like saffron rose. 

Great for kids? Yes. Even more awesome for adults? You bet.

$32; August 1 to 31; 575 Sutter St.;

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